Take years off your look by blending out your grey hairs! Processing takes just 5 minutes! This is a demi-permanent treatment that colours only the grey in your hair, leaving the rest of your hair with its natural colour. It is formulated to last 4 – 6 weeks. This means that as your hair grows the colour slowly fades out leaving no tell-tale demarcation line at the roots.


Sit back, relax and be pampered with MVP’s most popular service! The Hall of Fame Haircut includes client consultation, hot face towel, scalp massage, hair wash, cut and style. This service also offers complimentary neck trims between cuts.


When you are looking to change your entire look, colour is the choice for you. Some people want to cover up the grey and some just want a change. Colour covers every hair with a long lasting permanent colour. Want to make your colour last longer? Ask your stylist about a shampoo and conditioner that will maintain your colour best.


Whether you call it highlights, streaking or frosting, we can create the perfect colour combination. Highlights can range from a subtle change to a completly different look. MVP’s Stylists are experts at creating the look you want.


Lubricating Shave Oil treatment, hot towels, Moisturizing Shave Cream & hot lather shave, cool towels followed by smooth Post Shave Cooling Lotion treatment.