MVP Marketing

MVP Modern Barbers has incredible franchise opportunities in the salon business due, in part, to extensive support and hands-on training. Franchise Partners have the best of two worlds. MVP Franchise Partners receive all of the benefits and satisfaction of owning a salon , and they have incredible support from the MVP Franchise Office at the same time. MVP is there to work with you Shoulder to Shoulder to ensure your success.

Training is integral to the success of an MVP Modern Barbers. As an MVP Modern Barbers franchise partner you will learn the essentials of the Salon business during our two (2) week training program. One week is at one of our Corporate Salons and one week is in your own salon during the opening of the salon. Your training will include instruction and hands-on training in areas such as;

  • Salon Management: Focuses on the essential needs of a salon business including; Operations, Budgeting and Financial Analysis, Labour and scheduling, Customer Service, and Point of Sales Systems
  • Local Store, Regional and National marketing: Including Local Store marketing techniques, processes on Regional and National Marketing campaigns
  • Human Resources: Curriculum includes Stylist retention, stylist training, and staff recruitment. Proper training in these areas will ensure that your stylists help build your clientele by being trained, skilled, and certified in the latest products, styles and methods.
  • Proprietary hair care products sold exclusively MVP Modern Barbers; Product sales techniques, product knowledge training, in-store Point of Purchase arrangement

MVP provides marketing support for local, regional, and national levels. As an MVP Franchise Partner you will be able to take advantage of coordinated advertising, marketing, and incentive programs, and benefit from the franchisors public relation campaign.

All franchised salons contribute to a national marketing fund. The fund is used to establish MVP Modern Barbers brand awareness on a national level. Currently, the contribution by each Salon is equal to 2% of gross sales and funds are used to create marketing programs conducted throughout the MVP system. The marketing department manages and coordinates the marketing fund with suggestions from the Operations department and Franchise Advisory Council. MVP marketing supplies each franchise partner with individual guidance and support materials in our local store advertising kit to assist each Franchise Partner in carrying out local salon marketing trends.

MVP Marketing also provides print ad advice and approval, as well as special promotions advice. Each Salon may join/create a Marketing Area Association in which Franchise Partners exchange ideas and discuss marketing strategies for their specific region.

MVP also has a complete Grand Opening program to get you started on the right footing, quickly.