In order to ensure your success and maintain our level of quality Franchise Partners, MVP Modern Barbers requires that our Franchise Partners meet certain criteria, both personally and financially.


  • Minimum Liquid Assets – $55,000
  • Minimum Net Worth – $200,000
  • Individuals or groups with a strong business acumen
  • Results based with strong analytical, problem solving and leadership skills
  • A willingness to work and adhere to the franchisor’s requirements
  • An understanding of MVP’s Franchisor / Franchise Partner relationship
  • A passion for hospitality and marketing

*Development Agreements will require higher Liquid Asset and Net Worth qualifications based on the amount of stores required to be open within the agreement. Qualifications may also vary based on region.


* the following costs are the typical costs associated with opening a 900-1000 sqft MVP Modern Barbers. MVP cannot guarantee there will not be other expenses in regards to the opening of an MVP Modern Barbers.

Franchise Fee $25,000 $25,000
Leasehold Improvements $41,000 $51,000
Furniture & Equipment $22,900 $29,000
Location and Admin (Fran. Fee, Legal, etc.) $17,300 $25,000
Opening Inventory $4,000 $5,000
Advertising (pre-opening adverts, signs) $9,570 $15,000
Misc. Expenses $3,300 $5,000
Total Start Up $123,070 $155,000

Note: This is merely an estimate of opening costs based on previous opening and markets conditions. MVP cannot guarantee the accuracy of these assumptions based on market conditions at the time of your possible opening. These assumptions do not include a typical Tenant Allowance of $15/sqft.